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More than ten years of collaboration let us create a professional team of specialists. Today – together with our partners – we set new standards in the broad range of business activities.

Our help is based on detailed analysis of the past activity of our partner and the definition of his needs. Determining the direction of changes, and taking the threats into consideration at the same time, let us begin the gradual implementation of the business plan with simultaneous and constant support of our team. Thanks to that we are able to provide our partners with the implementation of their business needs. By working based on specialized knowledge of marketing, HR branch and optimal offer of electrical energy, we collaborate in order to create constant and reliable solutions.

The past audit activities let us create successful sales-marketing strategies that supported the activity of many companies. Our team supports companies also in the field of optimal usage of electric energy taking care of the financial resources and supporting innovation. Being an intermediary between the employees and employers we provide both parties with flexibility and clear cooperation conditions.

Being led by honesty and reliability, we support employers and job agencies in searching for employees.

The rapidly evolving Polish market generates the necessity to react quickly to the entrepreneurs’ needs. The Spectrum HR team, that has a lot of experience in the employment service, provides – despite the time pressure – a complex support based on detailed verification of an employee competence. The clarity of cooperation conditions and our honesty provide the employers with an appropriate staff and the employees with adequate working conditions.

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For more than 10 years we have helped the Polish and foreign companies in creating marketing projects supporting their brands.

Many years of partner relationship with many companies let us gain valuable experience in managing and conducting marketing activities. With the help of designers we create high-quality corporate clothing that is a complement of the company’s image. Today we help our partners build effective marketing-sales strategies, prepare ad materials, organize company events and gain new clients.

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For us the highest value are people. That is why the cooperation with our partners is based on reliability and constant exchange of views.

By observing changes in many business branches we created an offer of activities that will help our partners develop in accordance with their expectations. Thanks to our help many companies and job agencies gained new, qualified and permanent workers. Being aware of the possibilities offered by efficient marketing activities we took part in many projects of the well-known and appreciated companies. We helped many of our clients optimize the flow of energy in their buildings resulting not only in the client’s savings, but also in supporting the state of natural environment. Thanks to commitment and knowledge that we managed to gain during the years of persistent work, we support the ambitious and developing entrepreneurs.